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Congratulations to Ronan, who has begun his Junior year at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics! MSSM is Maine's only charter school and is devoted to high achievement in science, math and the arts.

This year Ronan is taking Chinese, Biology, Psychology, pre Calculus and Short Story to Film. His sport is Parkour, which you can learn more about here.

Check out their website at MSSM

MSSM is in Limestone, Maine:


(click the snowbank for more info)


Ever since early May 2005, Aisling and her friend Janet have been producing a podcast called The Deep End of the Carpool.

Click here to check it out:

What is a podcast, you may ask? Check out this article:


Podcast Alley is a good place to start looking for podcasts that you may find interesting: PodcastAlley.com Feeds and here is the girls' page there: PodcastAlley.com Feeds

Here is the very complimentary review of the girls' podcast by the podcast review guys over at Vox Monitor:

(link will open an audio file, turn on your computer speakers)